Friday Humor: Segregated Parking At Bank Of America

Friday Humor: Segregated Parking At Bank Of America

One reader was dismayed this week, when she pulled up to her local Bank of America branch only to discover that every front row parking space had been reserved for Merrill Lynch clients…


Those signs, she assured us, were new.

Apparently, local yokel Merrill financial advisors (who work out of BofA branches) are adopting a pretty haughty attitude when it comes to putting the parking needs of their customers ahead of the parking needs of regular BofA depositors.

We would gently advise those local FAs to tone down the arrogance.

Because as the following disclaimer stamped prominently at the top of a recent BofAML research  note makes abundantly clear, the folks at headquarters think those very same local FAs are so goddamn stupid that they shouldn’t even be allowed to view institutional research…



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