Let’s Listen To Sean Spicer Tell America That Trump “Knows Exactly What ‘Covfefe’ Means”

Let’s Listen To Sean Spicer Tell America That Trump “Knows Exactly What ‘Covfefe’ Means”

I think it’s important that you understand something.

The fact that “covfefe” is still trending on Twitter this morning isn’t a reflection of how stupid the masses are (I mean, the masses are stupid, but not because they’re still talking about this).

Rather, it’s a reflection of the extent to which Donald Trump has become so much of a standing joke that the entire world revels in lampooning him.

As we noted on Wednesday, we may have reached a kind of Trumpian singularity at six past midnight yesterday. Trump literally changed the world by inadvertently tweeting “covfefe” to 31.1 million people who, if they were asleep and had their Twitter alerts on, were jarred out of REM only to receive a message from the President that made absolutely no sense.

And Trump is so goddamn insecure that rather than just laugh it off for what it was – an errant, unfinished tweet he didn’t mean to send – he actually tried to pretend like it had some deep meaning that we don’t understand.


I mean how fucking ridiculous is that?

By putting “enjoy” at the end, he’s actually trying to act paternalistic. That is: “‘Enjoy’ trying to figure out what only I and a few people I trust with privileged information can truly understand.”

Well leave it to Sean Spicer to take the absurdity up a notch.

When asked in a press briefing about whether America should be concerned that Trump is now apparently nodding off with his phone in his hand and his Twitter app open, Spicer could have easily said one of two things:

  • Heh. Look guys, it was obviously just an unfinished tweet and we’re glad you enjoyed it.


  • Heh. You’ll have to ask the President.

But no.

Not Sean Spicer. And not this administration.

Listen below as Spicer actually tries to perpetuate the comically ridiculous notion that Trump meant to tweet what he tweeted:

How are we supposed to laugh it off when the administration can’t even see the humor in it?

This. Is. The. Fucking. Twilight. Zone.

And as such, it’s difficult to find the right words to convey how surreal it’s become. So we’ll just leave you with the straightforward take from CNN:

The simplest explanation, which is almost always the right explanation, is that Trump meant to write “coverage”, accidentally typed “covfefe” and then went to bed without either realizing the misspelling or even that he had sent the tweet at all. When he got up in the morning, he realized his error and changed it.
Why would Spicer make the official White House response anything other than that most obvious one?
Short answer: Who knows?
Long answer: Because Spicer is so wrapped around his own axle — and so frustrated with the press corps (and with his boss, the president) — that he’s simply not capable of seeing the forest through the trees. That something that should be totally simple — “it was a typo, duh” — turned into a bizarre answer that will keep the story in the news longer than it needs to be.

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  1. The secret code thing was fun in the 3-4th grade not for someones (all of this administration) trying to play as “masters of the universe” (they really don”t know what the fu*k they are doing to all of us and the planet). AGAIN, for those not fully comprehending this: THESE PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS ON SO MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS.

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