Video: Trump Tells Israelis He “Just Got Back From Mideast”

You’d be forgiven for being in a shitty mood on Tuesday morning.

After all, someone decided killing children at a concert was the best way to spend their Monday night and it’s looking more and more like Donald Trump is guilty as sin when it comes to colluding with the Kremlin.

Fortunately, while Trump does indeed “taketh away” in terms of our faith in the sanctity of America’s democratic institutions, he also “giveth back” in the form of lightening the mood with sheer stupidity.

Watch below as the leader of the free world tells a room full of Israelis in Israel that he “just got back from the Middle East“…

And Ted Lieu – who tried his best to help Trump along on his first overseas tour by penning a handy cheat sheet – was quick to pop up with the shade…



3 thoughts on “Video: Trump Tells Israelis He “Just Got Back From Mideast”

  1. yeah, I noticed the guy on the right couch – either incredible timing or he did react to trump’s stupid comment! When I first saw the clip elsewhere, I also reacted…… leaving that to your imaginations! They all must know he is just plain stupid and a total fake – all his dumb speeches, the words and his voice, Lord, totally fake.

    And I really want to know why it is being applauded in U.S. that he is selling all these weapons to a country who breeds terrorist (9-11!) while at the same time he wants to close entry to anyone from a Muslim country? Makes no f’n sense to me!

    – Murphy

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