Congressman Ted Lieu Creates “Cheat Sheet” To Help Trump On Overseas Trip

-DON'T leak classified information -Russia = NOT ally

So on Friday, Donald Trump embarked on his first world tour as President and the question isn’t really what could go wrong as much as it is what will go wrong.

That is, it’s not realistic to think that he’s going to make it through this trip without doing something embarrassing.

In fact, he’s already done something embarrassing and he’s not even overseas yet. In case you missed it, Trump canceled a planned visit to an ancient UNESCO-listed fortress in Israel after he was told he couldn’t land his helicopter (literally) on top of it. And yes, that’s a true story. Google it.

So in the interest of protecting America’s international reputation, Rep. Ted Lieu made Trump a handy checklist which he posted on social media saying on Facebook that, “as a Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I created this simple sheet for President Trump’s first overseas visit.”

Here it is in all its sarcastic glory:


The sad thing is, those are all things Trump probably doesn’t know.


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