Video: Trump, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson Do The Saudi Sword Dance

Now look, every President and every cabinet has had a moment (or twenty) where they’ve been made to look silly on overseas trips.

You’re in a strange place with unfamiliar customs and you’re often wearing something completely different than the locals are wearing so you know, it’s a recipe for awkwardness.

Well, unless you are George W. Bush. In which case “awkward” need not apply because when you are George W. Bush, your Texas swagger somehow manages to not only exempt you from feelings of awkwardness, but actually turns the tables so that you are in fact the only one not feeling awkward. Case in point:


Well, Donald Trump is no George W. Bush when it comes to letting it all hang out.

And neither is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

And neither is Mr. Deadpan and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Which is why the following clips of the three men trying to dance with swords in Saudi Arabia are images that you cannot un-see once they’ve been burned into your retina…


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