“Tomorrow” Was Supposed To Be “A Great Day” – Comey Ruins Zakharova’s Inspirational Facebook Post

On Tuesday, I introduced you to Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, social media superstar, and middle-aged high school teacher who texted your teenage son provocative spandex selfies, Maria Zakharova.


Maria is a Bashar al-Assad apologist, a shameless defender of the blatantly indefensible, and one of her great joys in life is trolling US foreign policy.

The other thing Zakharova likes to do is post a whole lot of pictures on Facebook. Which, ironically, makes her quite vulnerable to trolling.

Which is why we’re fond of following her on social media in hopes of happening upon something funny.

Well, Maria is on a work trip to Spain and as you’ll recall from the post linked above, the first thing she did when she “landed in Madrid” was “turn on her phone.” Only to discover “dozens of messages” about Donald Trump leaking classified intelligence to her boss (Lavrov). So she did what you’d expect a Kremlin staffer to do: she told Russians not to read foreign press. Here’s the post:


Well about nine (or so) posts later she had an inspirational message for her fans. Here it is and do note the time stamp:


Yes, “tomorrow may be a good day to have a great day.”

Apparently, that was posted at roughly 5:20 p.m. EST time.

Just in time for this:


So here it is, “tomorrow,” and I’m not entirely sure the Russian foreign ministry is “having a great day.”


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