Russia’s “Superstar” Agitprop Queen Has Advice For Russians: “Don’t Read Foreign Newspapers”

Here’s something you might not know.

This person is someone you cannot trust:


That’s Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, social media superstar, and woman who hopes she doesn’t have to chloroform you in your sleep, Maria Zakharova.

Think of Zakharova as a kind of Bride of Frankenstein that the Kremlin created in a lab by combining DNA from Kellyanne Conway, Kim Kardashian, a KGB agent, and an evil Wonder Woman.

When it comes to trolling US foreign policy, the number of fucks Maria gives is zero. If Sergei Lavrov were an evil magician, she’d be his stage assistant.

Well on Tuesday, Zakharova had a simple recommendation for anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to “encourage” the free press. She delivered that message via her Facebook page which, as you can see, is creepy as fuck:


Here’s her “solution” to unfavorable media reports:


There you go “free” people of Russia.

It’s “unhealthy” for you to read foreign press. Better to burn those newspapers (which is pretty clearly what she’s implying).

Of course that’s better than Putin’s suggestion about what to do with annoying reporters…


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