Video: Putin, Zeman May Need To “Liquidate” Members Of The Press

Don't get "liquidated."

This is a fun way to start your Sunday.

See, there are a lot of things the alt-Right’s legions of proud Russophiles fail to tell you about Vladimir Putin.

Basically, they like to revel in the “legend” that is Putin (read about the Russian strongman’s “Enzo the Baker” moment here, for instance) and indeed they enjoy all of the ubiquitous jokes and memes that serve to perpetuate that legend.

But the thing is, part of the Putin mystique centers around the fact that Russia is, for all intents and purposes, a totalitarian state. For example, if you think those Putin approval numbers you always hear about are real, then I’ve got some press freedom in Moscow I’d like to sell you.

Speaking of press freedom and Putin, he and his Czech Republic counterpart Milos Zeman were coming out of a meeting on Sunday when they were confronted with a throng of reporters.

Zeman, upon spotting them, is heard saying in Russian there are too many of them and that they should be “liquidated.”

“No need to liquidate them, but you can reduce” their number, Putin responds.

Don’t get “liquidated.”


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