Wednesday Humor: Nassim Taleb “Doesn’t Trust” Your Estimate Of How Much He Can Shoulder Press

What would you get if you rolled up Socrates, Karl Popper, Einstein, and Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy into one person?

You’d get this:


That’s black swan godfather Nassim Taleb, and he’s a risk-managin‘, mathematizin‘, philosophizin‘, stone-liftin‘, best-seller-writin‘, Spanish-gypsy-huntin‘, Third-World-country-polluted-water-drinkin‘, madman. 

If you aren’t familiar with Taleb, then you need to correct that oversight immediately lest he should have to intellectually shame you, “sue” you, “make your life difficult”, or physically assault you for talking too loud in “some Scandinavian language” on your cell phone while riding the Metro North. So save yourself some trouble and get up to speed: 10 “Other” Things Nassim Taleb Can Teach Us

Those who are already familiar with Taleb know he likes to tweet. And one of the things he really likes to tweet about is how much he really likes to deadlift…


Last week, Taleb gave us a window into what he thinks he looks like:


Well on Tuesday, he was back with the deadlifting tweets and we think there’s a very good possibility that the hilarity might have gotten overshadowed by Jeff Gundlach’s ill-fated foray into the Twitterverse.

So just in case you missed it, here’s Socra-Popper-Drax asking his “friends” what the standing press equivalent of his apparent deadlifting capacity is:


One Twitter follower suggested a handy table from “” which, based on our estimate of Taleb’s weight, suggests he should be able to press about 171lbs.

The problem (of course) is that Taleb “doesn’t trust it”-  just like he doesn’t trust anything that doesn’t emanate from his own mind:


Write your own jokes.


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