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Video: Russia Mocks America – “Was He Fired?! You’re Kidding!”

Well, if you needed another slap in the face on Wednesday morning from the Trump/Kremlin cabal, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is happy to serve one up. 

Lavrov — who is in DC to meet with Secretary of State, and Russian “order of friendship” recipient Rex Tillerson — was attending a press conference early Wednesday when a reporter shouted the following question:

Does the Comey firing cast a shadow over your talks?

The answer, of course, is “yes.”

But that wasn’t the answer we got.

Instead, the notoriously sarcastic Lavrov, who a former official from George W. Bush’s administration once described as “a complete asshole,” responded as follows:

There you go America.

They’re laughing at you.


And right to your face. In Washington D.C.


3 comments on “Video: Russia Mocks America – “Was He Fired?! You’re Kidding!”

  1. as colbert put it: “…it’s funny because it’s treason.”

  2. Curt A Tyner

    No Kidddddddddddddddding. Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha.

  3. Anonymous

    well, I clearly see where he got the tag “complete asshole”………. and even on our soil….. respect??

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