Trump Cancels Cinco De Mayo – Then Decides To Make Mike Pence Do It

Just when you think it can’t get any funnier…

When it comes to alienating Hispanics, Donald Trump is the undisputed king.

In the opening salvo to what would eventually become a successful bid for the White House, Trump (in)famously called Mexican immigrants “rapists [who] are bringing drugs.”

Then he said he was going to build a wall to keep out those Mexicans.

Then he said he was going to make Mexicans pay for his Mexican-be-gone wall.

So you know, it would be hard to imagine how Trump could possibly one-up himself in terms of pissing off this particular minority group.

But remember, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about – if he can make a bad situation worse, then by God he will.

Which is why it perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise that “Trump rompe tradición de celebrar ‘Cinco de Mayo’ en la Casa Blanca.”


Here’s La Opinon:

El presidente Donald Trump añadirá esta semana otro hito en su carrera política en Washington, ya que por primera vez en 16 años, la Casa Blanca no celebrará la fiesta mexicana del “Cinco de Mayo”, una tradición que mantuvieron sus antecesores de ambos partidos.

Or, Google translated:

President Donald Trump will add another milestone this week to his political career in Washington, as for the first time in 16 years, the White House will not hold a Mexican Cinco de Mayo party , a tradition held by its predecessors Both parties.

The White House has not responded to numerous requests for information from this newspaper about why it has modified the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the “Battle of Puebla,” in which the Mexican Army defeated invading French troops in 1862 .

Sources close to the Administration said today to the newspaper since the anonymity – because there has not been an official announcement – that the vice president, Mike Pence, will be in charge of the celebration , on behalf of Trump and the Administration.

But, three days after the date, there are still no details of who will be the guests, nor the place of the celebration and whether it will include prominent Mexican artists, as has been the tradition in the past.

“The decision of the White House to renounce the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is another slap for many Mexican Americans and Latinos. Instead of embracing our nation’s multicultural heritage, we are deepening divisions, not seeking common ground, “Félix Sánchez, president and co-founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA) in English).

That was Tuesday.

Fast forward to Wednesday and we learn that Trump has indeed delegated Cinco de Mayo to Mike Pence. Here’s what Politico said this afternoon:

Vice President Mike Pence will host a Cinco de Mayo celebration on Thursday, keeping up a longstanding tradition some in the Hispanic community weren’t sure would continue in the Trump administration.

A reception will be held in the Indian Treaty Room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the building next door to the White House, on Thursday, the day before the holiday.

An official in Pence’s office said it’s unclear whether President Donald Trump, who marked Cinco de Mayo last year with a tweet about a taco bowl, will attend.

If I honestly thought there were a way to make that last bolded and underlined bit any funnier than it already is I swear to God I would give it a shot, but I don’t want to mess with perfection.

I’ll simply add the tweet it references:


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