Trump: “China Must Properly Deal With North Korea, Or I Will!” Oh, And “USA!”

I’m not really sure why I’m writing this, because it just serves to perpetuate the extent to which the entire news cycle is dominated by Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, but alas, this will somehow turn into a “story” on Thursday so, fuck it.

Here it is – “breaking news”…


The same thing he’s said for weeks.

Of course we don’t have any idea what “properly” means here, but I assume it doesn’t mean turning a couple of coal ships around and/or publishing some harshly-worded “editorials” via Party mouthpiece news outlets.

But if you’re inclined to read the Trump tweet tea leaves, do note two things about the above:

  • it implicitly suggests that Washington is giving China the first move vis-a-vis  Pyongyang
  • it implicitly suggests Trump does not yet consider China “an ally”

Might I remind you again, that Twitter is a rather blunt instrument when it comes to foreign policy…


2 thoughts on “Trump: “China Must Properly Deal With North Korea, Or I Will!” Oh, And “USA!”

  1. If he’s trying to intimidate DPRK through Twitter, he might want to check and see if they have access first.

    If the time arises and he chooses to invade, hopefully he takes a few months to plan before an impulse move. I’ve read some assessments on invading their part of the peninsula, and it doesn’t sound like the cakewalk many seem to think. it is.

  2. he’s a bully and a coward…..when I hear our President (!!??) say something like those words, it makes me feel totally embarrassed. He has never gone past Junior High School…. in many ways!

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