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Trump 2015: Saddam “Throws A Little Gas, Everyone Goes Crazy,” & Yada, Yada…

"Then, Saddam Hussein throws a little gas (hand gesture), then everyone goes crazy (more hand gestures)"...

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s record with regard to strikes on the Bashar al-Assad regime is… how should we put this?… really, really schizophrenic.

See, back in 2013 when the Obama administration was considering using military force against the regime in Damascus to deter the (further) use of chemical weapons against civilians in the country’s then-three-year-old civil war, Trump said this:

Well needless to say, he’s changed his mind about the relative merits of using cruise missiles to punish folks for deploying poison gas.

And while it’s difficult (scratch that, “impossible” is better) to know what the whole story is behind the administration’s abrupt change of heart with regard to Assad (yes, “dead babies” probably played a role, but one certainly imagines there were “other” considerations discussed behind the scenes), it’s worth noting that back in December 2015, then-candidate Trump didn’t seem to see what’s so wrong with “throwing a little gas”…



4 comments on “Trump 2015: Saddam “Throws A Little Gas, Everyone Goes Crazy,” & Yada, Yada…

  1. With the Reagan playbook blocked by current $20 trillion national debt instead of Reagan’s 0.8 there is always the Bush playbook…

  2. shadonoz

    Nothing deflects political enemies AND stimulates the economy like a little war.

  3. Anonymous

    are u a crackpot? throws a little gas and kills a bunch of babies and all u can say is yada yada yada. God help u

  4. 45 years later we have not learned a damne thing.

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