Devin Nunes Delivers A Big “F*ck You America” On Behalf Of Donald Trump

I guess I’m a little confused.

Or maybe “incredulous” is better.

Let’s just go over the series of events here.

First, we get an exceptionally unfavorable (if you’re Trump) public hearing at which the f*cking FBI Director acknowledges an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and also says there’s no evidence that Trump was ever wiretapped.

Next, out of the goddamn clear blue sky, Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (who was also a member of the Trump transition team and who is supposed to be running an investigation into Russian interference in the election) comes out and says he’s seen evidence no one else has seen that partially vindicates Trump’s claim about improper eavesdropping. Nunes got that “evidence” at a NSC facility on the White House grounds. Then, without telling anyone else on the committee he chairs, Nunes shows back up at the White House and talks to the President. Then he tells the press what he’s “learned.”

Three days later, this very same Devin Nunes decides – again, out of the goddamn clear blue sky – to cancel another scheduled public hearing with three Obama officials: Sally Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General (who Trump fired and who told the President that Michael Flynn was chatting with Russians in January); John Brennan, the former head of the C.I.A. (who knows a little something about Russian interference in the election); and James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence (who called bullsh*t on Trump’s wiretap claim).

Now – Tuesday evening – Nunes says that not only will he not recuse himself from the investigation, he will not reveal the sources of the “information” he has with anyone – including the other members of his committee.


“Nope, never.”

Which is the same answer we can all now safely give if asked the following question: “Will you ever trust this committee to conduct an unbiased investigation?”

As a reminder, this comes just hours after the committee’s ranking Democrat, Adam Schiff, released this statement which, for all intents and purposes, begs Americans to open their eyes and look at just how flagrant this bullsh*t has become:

Both Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have led calls for Nunes to recuse himself and now, Rep. Walter Jones has become the first Republican to make similar demands.

“How can you be chairman of a major committee and do all these things behind the scenes and keep your credibility?,” Jones asked on Tuesday, before answering his own question as follows: “You can’t keep your credibility.”

No, you most certainly can’t.

In sum, Nunes’ will “nope, never” reveal the sources or methods behind the “intelligence” he supposedly has, intelligence which he definitely did not get from the President (sarcasm) but which he definitely did get at the White House and which is the only “evidence” there is to support an errant Tweet that Donald Trump sent based on a Breitbart article that was itself based on a Right-wing radio rant.

This is batsh*t crazy.

So America, while the quote may be “nope, never,” from Devin Nunes, you can translate that directly to “f*ck you, always” from Donald Trump.


2 thoughts on “Devin Nunes Delivers A Big “F*ck You America” On Behalf Of Donald Trump

  1. Mr. Nunez is on the verge of possible indictment himself, I doubt he realizes Trump/Bannon will throw him a big Fu*k You to the wolves in a NY minute.

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