“They Put Out An All-Points Bulletin” – A Political Bombshell Lost In The Real-Life Bombshells

“The intelligence source told me that he knows, “from talking to people in the intelligence community,” that “the White House said, ‘We are going to mobilize to find something to justify the President’s tweet that he was being surveilled.’ They put out an all-points bulletin”—a call to sift through intelligence reports—“and said, ‘We need to find something that justifies the President’s crazy tweet about surveillance at Trump Tower.’ And I’m telling you there is no way you get that from those transcripts, which are about as plain vanilla as can be.”


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Sweating it out…

Surprise! Devin Nunes Got His “Evidence” Of Trump Wiretapping From Trump Officials

Any questions?

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A demonstrable lack of “House intelligence”…

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Wall Street Journal Doesn’t See What’s So Damn Suspicious About Obstructing Justice

The Wall Street Journal, like most other “Conservative but not insane” media outlets, is having a really, really tough time trying to reconcile the need to avoid supporting batsh*t craziness with the necessity of remaining anti-Liberal. Make no mistake, that’s becoming harder to do by the day. See the more crazy the White House gets, the…

Devin Nunes Delivers A Big “F*ck You America” On Behalf Of Donald Trump

“Nope, never.” Which is the same answer we can all now safely give if asked the following question: “Will you ever trust this committee to conduct an unbiased investigation?”