“It’s Laughable”: Trump’s Approval Rating Drops To 37% In New Poll

The alt-Right’s reaction to yesterday’s “revelation” (and the scare quotes are there for a reason) by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes that Donald Trump’s name may have turned in the course of intelligence agencies conducting surveillance of foreign targets, was telling.

To be sure, Trump’s contention that he felt “somewhat vindicated” by Nunes’ claims was patently absurd. Those interested in why I say that are encouraged to read my satirical post from Wednesday here.

But as absurd as it was, that didn’t stop some folks from billing Nunes’ remarks as some kind of turning point for what has otherwise devolved into a veritable train wreck for the administration.

Sadly, attempts to spin the story in that fashion only convey desperation.

This administration is a burning building and everyone – Republicans included – are running out the front door. The last line of defense is, predictably, Breitbart and its increasingly hapless progeny who are still trying to convince Americans that although “it looks and quacks like a (Russian) duck,” it isn’t in fact a (Russian) duck. 

In short: fewer and fewer people are buying that.

In a new poll by Quinnipiac University (which will be summarily dismissed by the administration and its cheerleaders as “oversampled” “fake news”), the president has a job approval rating of just 37 percent which, quite frankly, is just plain old laughable.

Here’s The Hill’s summary:

President Trump’s support among Republicans, white voters and men is dropping, according to a new survey.

A Quinnipiac University poll finds that the president has a job approval rating of just 37 percent. Fifty-six percent of respondents disapprove of the job the president is doing.

In a March 7 survey, the president had a job approval rating of 41 percent, compared to 52 percent who disapproved of the president.

The recent survey found that 43 percent of men approve of the job the president is doing, compared to 49 percent who approved of the president in a survey conducted earlier this month.

Slightly more than 80 percent of Republicans now approve of the job the president is doing, down from 91 percent in the March 7 survey.

And 44 percent of white voters approve of the president in the latest poll, down from 49 percent.

The poll also found that 60 percent of voters think the president is not honest and 55 percent think he doesn’t have good leadership skills.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents believe the president doesn’t care about average Americans, according to the poll. A majority of voters believe the president is a strong person and is intelligent.

Nearly three-quarters of voters think the president and his administration make statements “very often” or “somewhat often” without evidence to support them.

The poll was conducted from March 16 to 21 among 1,056 voters. The margin of error is 3 percentage points.

It’s almost over folks.




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