One Republican To Another: “Am I Someone Else’s Baby?”

One Republican To Another: “Am I Someone Else’s Baby?”

Let me just confess upfront that I’m no longer positive I live in the same world as a lot of Americans when it comes to assessing this administration and the knock-on effect Steve Bannon’s ideological bent has had in terms of emboldening conspiracy theorists and white supremacists.

I mean I’ve watched in utter disbelief as (ostensibly) smart person after smart person has gone full-racist-retard in what I can only assume is a kind of “well, f*ck it, there’s no turning back now so we might as well double and triple down on the crazy,” effort to go down with the ship.

But even so, I cannot possibly imagine anyone that pretends to have any shred of dignity defending Iowa Republican Steve King who, you’re reminded, said this on Twitter last Sunday:

If you missed the backstory on that, you can read it here, but the reason I bring this up again in the context of everything said above is that Steve is now claiming that not only has he not been ridiculed by his fellow lawmakers, but in fact has received quite a few “pats on the back.” Here’s The Hill:

Steve King (R-Iowa) says he hasn’t been getting much pushback from fellow House Republicans about his controversial tweet over the weekend saying that “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

King claimed in an interview with The Hill just off the House floor on Thursday afternoon that, if anything, colleagues have given him words of encouragement since returning to the Capitol.

“My colleagues have generally been coming by and patting me on the back. And a surprising number have said that they pray for me. And, meaning they support me and they agree with me, a surprising number,” King said.

“I don’t often have members come up and say at the end of the day, ‘I prayed for you this morning.’ So they must think I’ve got a lot of arrows in my back.”

Yes, people are “praying for” Steve, something which he says “doesn’t often” happen.

Now Steve’s interpretation of that is that people are concerned for his safety.

My interpretation would be that maybe they’re praying for him because he’s a hopeless old bigot.

But whatever. One thing we do know is that Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo is curious to know where he falls on the whole “someone else’s baby” issue. To wit:

I saw him down at conference, and I said, ‘Hey, I just want to know if I’m somebody else’s baby.’ He said, ‘You should have called me.’ I said, ‘I don’t have your number.’ So he sent me his number and we agreed we’d talk whenever we both have time to sit down and talk about it,

So you know, there’s that.

But as noted earlier this week, we do know for sure that at least one person has indeed “patted [Steve] on the back,” and that person is David Duke, (former) Imperial Wizard of the KKK…

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  1. I am pretty sure the “baby Jesus” is NOT giving “Ole” Steve his blessing. Pretty sure he is oiling up the drop lever.

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