An American Autocrat In Music City

An American Autocrat In Music City

Last week, we said the following about Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban 2.0": Well on Wednesday night, just hours before the administration's "revised" travel ban was set to take effect, it was blocked by a federal judge. You can read the full story here. While Trump's head didn't literally explode, he did go "full-dictator" at a campaign rally in Nashville. Behold... an autocrat does Music City: [youtube
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3 thoughts on “An American Autocrat In Music City

  1. And think, if the Democrat party had run ANYBODY else they could have won. We get to put up with this level of autocrat because they ran the most putrid, disgusting, foul, despicable criminal on the planet.

  2. The Orange/julius (as in Caesar) is that person just described by Anonymous in the previous post well done sir (or madam). Pulling the plug on senior citizen’s (Meal on Wheels)and hungry school children pretty much settle that case.

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