Trump’s “Muslim Ban 2.0” Blocked By Federal Judge

Trump’s “Muslim Ban 2.0” Blocked By Federal Judge

And there it is. "Muslim Ban 2.0" has been blocked by a federal judge.  Earlier this week 13 states, including New York and California, filed amicus briefs supporting the Hawaii attorney general’s bid to block Trump's revised travel ban. Wednesday's ruling grants the state's request for a temporary restraining order and puts Trump's second attempt to restrict visas for 90 days for nationals from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen on hold. The ruling comes just hours befo
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One thought on “Trump’s “Muslim Ban 2.0” Blocked By Federal Judge

  1. Kaboom!!!!!!! Orange/julius (as in Caesar) will tweet the night away. The White House staff better hide that devise. Oh my.

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