Fox News Throws In The Towel: Trump’s Approval Rating Now 20 Points Below Obama’s

Fox News Throws In The Towel: Trump’s Approval Rating Now 20 Points Below Obama’s

To quote Stephen Colbert…

By now you’ve all heard the news: the Trump administration is going great.

As the years drag on (oh wait, it’s only been two months), it’s getting harder and harder for even the most ardent of Trump supporters to explain the President’s frequent lapses into apparent states of sheer lunacy.

Want proof of that contention? Fine. Just ask anyone at the White House to provide evidence to support the claim that Barack Obama tapped the phones at Trump Tower. Because a lot of people have asked that question and… crickets.

Well, not exactly crickets. But a whole lot of obfuscation and semantic wrangling to try and deflect what is a very straightforward question: is it or is it not true that Trump was simply parroting a Breitbart article?

And that brings us to the latest poll from Fox News. You know, that bastion of “angry liberal” sentiment that’s certainly predisposed to being anti-Trump (that’s sarcasm).

The latest poll from the Right-leaning media outlet par excellence shows “approval of Trump’s overall job performance falling five percentage points [this month] to 43 percent.” 51 percent of those surveyed disapprove of the job the new President is doing.  In February the numbers were 48-47 percent.

Have a look at some screengrabs which suggest that not even Fox can put a positive spin on this real-time train wreck…



And Fox’s (begrudging) conclusion:

Meanwhile, less than half of voters (47 percent) are confident the Trump administration will be able to make “significant positive change for the country.”

For comparison, at a similar point in President Obama’s first term, 63 percent approved of his job performance and a 64 percent majority had confidence he would bring positive change (February/March 2009).

I guess it’s time for Trump to brand Fox part of the “deep state” conspiracy that’s out to undermine the administration’s legitimacy.

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