Presenting All Of Trump’s Putin Connections In 7 Easy Charts

Presenting All Of Trump’s Putin Connections In 7 Easy Charts

Ok, so obviously Donald Trump colluded with the Russians at some point during his candidacy.

If you don’t believe that by now, then I’ve got a mansion in Palm Beach I’d like to sell you. Put differently, if you think this is all a “witch hunt,” then you’ve got what we here at the Heisenberg Report like to call Russian “collusion delusion.”

Unfortunately for the Kremlin, Trump’s “useful idiot” status looks to be on the line. That is, it’s likely become apparent to Moscow that Trump isn’t a “useful idiot” after all, but rather just a plain old “idiot.” Nevertheless, Putin gave it one more go this week with the WikiLeaks dump (“Quick America! Look over there at this conveniently timed distraction while we try and clean up the Sessions thing and figure out a way around this insane wiretap tweet storm”) but I’d be willing to bet that this is one modern day Czar whose patience is wearing pretty goddamn thin with the man he installed in the White House. 

For those interested (which should be everyone), below find all of Trump’s Kremlin connections outlined in 7 graphics courtesy of Politico.

Via Politico

4 thoughts on “Presenting All Of Trump’s Putin Connections In 7 Easy Charts

  1. I agree there is a collusion delusion but based on your charts, I am not sure who is deluding whom. This is pretty flimsy “evidence” and at best proves that “I know a guy”…..way below your normal apologetic propositions.

  2. Look the Orange/julius owes Someone something $$$$. Someone has something on him (not hard with his propensity to say anything or do anything he wants). Someone knows where the video tapes are buried. Someone set this fool up and he took the bait in either a shady business deal or a little pu**y grabbing. Can anyone honestly at this point not see this as at least possible and probably true. PLEASSSSSSE, wake the fu*k-up. This guy is “off his rocker” and dangerous, not a good combo for a POTUS. Drip, drip, drip. The crazier this gets the crazier HE GETS.

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