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Presenting All Of Trump’s Putin Connections In 7 Easy Charts

Ok, so obviously Donald Trump colluded with the Russians at some point during his candidacy. If you don’t believe that
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4 comments on “Presenting All Of Trump’s Putin Connections In 7 Easy Charts

  1. Herr Werner

    I agree there is a collusion delusion but based on your charts, I am not sure who is deluding whom. This is pretty flimsy “evidence” and at best proves that “I know a guy”…..way below your normal apologetic propositions.

  2. Curt Tyner%

    Look the Orange/julius owes Someone something $$$$. Someone has something on him (not hard with his propensity to say anything or do anything he wants). Someone knows where the video tapes are buried. Someone set this fool up and he took the bait in either a shady business deal or a little pu**y grabbing. Can anyone honestly at this point not see this as at least possible and probably true. PLEASSSSSSE, wake the fu*k-up. This guy is “off his rocker” and dangerous, not a good combo for a POTUS. Drip, drip, drip. The crazier this gets the crazier HE GETS.

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