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Behold! The Trump/Bannon Propaganda Machine In Action

You cannot make this sh*t up.

So on Friday, following an NFP print that was probably “just right” in terms of being positive enough to sustain the reflation narrative but no so good that it triggered a sudden rethink of the extent to which the Fed may be behind the curve, Breitbart ran a truly ridiculous piece of Goebbels-esque propaganda.

Have a look:


That’s right folks: what you thought you saw was a mixed jobs report, but in Steve Bannon’s world, it was a “great again, sizzling, jaw-dropping, rocket.

For those wondering whether we should take that “great again, sizzling, jaw-dropping, rocket” with a grain of salt considering President Trump has in the past maligned the NFP numbers as “phony,” we got our answer from Sean Spicer:

Got it.

But in case there weren’t already enough punchlines in this story, we got still more hilarity on Friday afternoon when one enterprising reporter snapped the following picture of Rick Perry perusing The Drudge Report (which of course has deep Bannon links)…

As The Hill writes, “the front page story on the site viewed by Perry appeared to be ‘GREAT AGAIN: +235,000’ which links to a story about the latest jobs report that President Trump shared earlier in the day on Twitter.”


Of course the title of the linked Bloomberg article isn’t “GREAT AGAIN,” but as shown above, the title of the Breitbart “sizzling, jaw-dropping, rocket” article is.

Do you see how this circle-jerk, propaganda machine works?

It’s a complete f*cking farce that in this case ended with the Secretary of Energy reading about the jobs report on Drudge Report who lifted the first part of a headline from a Breitbart article, deceptively used it to introduce a Bloomberg article thus creating a hybrid headline that’s one part Breitbart bullsh*t and one part Bloomberg link and then that Drudge Report hybrid headline was tweeted to Drudge’s 1.18 million Twitter followers including Donald Trump who then retweeted the Drudge tweet to his 26 million followers.

Now that, to hijack an old adage, “is a trick that only a Goebbels could love.




3 comments on “Behold! The Trump/Bannon Propaganda Machine In Action

  1. Curt Tyner% says:

    Love the “circle jerk” reference very apropos.

  2. Viet Vet says:

    Just can’t wait till 3/15/2017.
    Deadline on debt ceiling. How will the circle spin this.

  3. jeffnix says:

    Seriously? Your propaganda referencing other propaganda is still b******* propaganda. You simply cannot get over the fact of the Trump administration.
    Your anti Trump articles continue to erode your brand. You’re otherwise insightful material is being taken over by your confirmation bias.

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