Why Can’t Americans Talk About Politics Without “Punching Each Other In The Face?”

Discussing politics is generally considered to be a social faux pas. I was sitting in the barber chair the other day, and
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2 comments on “Why Can’t Americans Talk About Politics Without “Punching Each Other In The Face?”

  1. Still trying to figure out the end game, stability is what has always been put forward and when that wasn’t working well then they have weapons of mass destruction, and then its that they are just terrible people.
    We really need to make up our minds.
    the mean time we have fostered an entire generation over there that really hate us because we have killed their moms and dads brothers and sisters aunts and uncles destroyed what infrastructures and economy’s that they had. Collateral damage, I know. They have their civil wars to fight,the US being one of the referees is questionable, unless it really is just all about the oil / money

  2. Anonymous

    Most conflicts throughout history are about money,politics and religion. There is always hope of a fair and perfect way of doing thins. Each time a society gets close other people step in take advantage of a people,system an exploit the weaknesses. It is what humans do. If law protected us why didn’t anybody go to jail in the 2008 debacle.

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