When Inequality Goes Corporate

When Inequality Goes Corporate

One of the oft-cited reasons for the populist fervor that swept Donald Trump into the White House and now threatens to push Europe into a kind of neo-nationalist hell complete with institutionalized xenophobia and massive sovereign defaults (in the event of redenominations), is creeping inequality. The "downtrodden masses" aren't properly represented and they need a voice. Or so the story goes (never mind the absurdity of that "voice" emanating from a braggadocious billionaire who quite litera
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2 thoughts on “When Inequality Goes Corporate

  1. How perceptive of SG. A little late to the party don’t you think? WTF. Fifteen years is about right for corporate cover-up everything to keep the “status quo” hidden in plain sight. Always remember WHO BENEFITS from SQ? “Everything is good, don’t worry”, get another job along with the two you already have. Pick yourself up by those bootstraps that keep getting shorter and shorter. This theft will end only when we make it end, get involved in your own community run for something yourself or support progressive people who care what happens next, not what happened yesterday.

  2. Our commander and Chiefs inner circle is made up of x Goldman sacks, x Exxon , and through in one extreme right wing libitarian what could possibly go wrong?

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