Trump Moves To Topple NY Times

There goes freedom of the press...

There goes freedom of the press...
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4 comments on “Trump Moves To Topple NY Times

  1. There is no question in my mind (perhaps I am wrong) that the NY Times were extremely biased against Trump during the entire campaign. For that reason alone I will never pick up another copy of this publication. I have no issue with reporting the news, but it has to be done accurately and fairly without a spin that is induced by the advertisers. I feel the same about most U.S. news outlets as well and now stick exclusively to Sky News, EuroNews, BBC, and the German Tagesschau.

  2. You sir are quickly confirming to your readership your own personal animus toward Trump. It has no place in your primary writing. You should save it for iPads wherever they will publish political commentary

  3. Curt Tyner

    Surprised? Hardly, the Orange julius is hell bent on as much control as his buddy Putin. Thankfully he hasn’t killed anyone yet, but hey, it’s only the first week. The clown car is being driven by Bannon the Great and believe me they would love to silence the press(some lambs),the congress(some lambs again) and anyone else who has the gall to try and challenge them. These demonstrations must be driving them crazy, stay with it folks. Where are the statesmen in the Republican party? Silence, silent, missing in action. This is your guy, so stand-up because now it’s a world problem. History will not be kind to those who cower in this moment, you know this is wrong……..these guys are Dangerous, period.

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