Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: Inaugural Edition

Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: Inaugural Edition

As I’ve mentioned previously, I think it’s important that as the Heisenberg Report continues to grow, the site remains a reflection of the author’s unique point of view – that includes biases.

In the simplest possible terms, if the Heisenberg Report doesn’t reflect Heisenberg’s point of view, then what the hell is the point of calling it “Heisenberg Report?”

There are always going to be points of contention. Some people, for instance, would strongly disagree with my deeply held conviction that at some point, corporate credit ETFs are going to blow up in spectacular fashion making all the retail money that’s poured into them look incredibly retail-ish and making folks like Larry Fink look really silly in the process.

Similarly, there will always be disagreements about politics. That’s a staple of American democracy. Some people – including me – will tell you that the political divisions within our society run deeper now than ever. But consider that I and others could be wrong about that. It could be that we just don’t remember how deep those divisions have always run because unfortunately, most of us haven’t been alive since 1776. Let’s not forget that Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr resorted to a pistol battle to settle their differences – that was 213 years ago. So apparently, political differences are not all that new.

Just to be clear, the Heisenberg Report will never become a watered down version of itself designed to appeal to the maximum number of readers. This isn’t all about clicks. This is about intellectual honesty and, perhaps more importantly, eliminating the information asymmetry that exists between the “pros” and everyone else in financial markets.

With all of that in mind, I bring you the first edition of what I imagine will be a highly amusing series: “Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag”. Enjoy.


From a concerned reader:

I love your work, the way you think and the way you write.  But please, please, please enough about how much you hate Trump and that because of him all of humanity is about to get swallowed into the bowels of hell through a giant black hole with no hope of salvation!!!   When you rant on and on about Trump, you sound like one of those miserable liberals who hate themselves so much that they can’t stand it and want to inflict their personal misery on the rest of world while insulting and condemning anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

From Heisenberg:

Thanks for reading. The Heisenberg Report will always reflect my personal opinions about finance and politics and that won’t be changing. As I’ve said before, I’m not interested in watering down my writing to please the maximum number of viewers. The site is about intellectual honesty, humor, finance, and politics from my perspective. I won’t be watering it down.

From the same concerned reader:

I’m really sorry to hear that.  I guess I come from another era where only weak men constantly pushed their opinions on others who did not ask for them.  Now days that is no longer the case as people hide behind keyboards and mistakenly think that not having to address a man face to face allows them to act without integrity or responsibility.  In that gone era I speak of, getting punched in the face for being a snarky insulting asshole tended to make people realize that although they have a right to say whatever they want, it also means there are consequences.  




8 thoughts on “Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: Inaugural Edition

  1. Shame on you Heisenberg for pushing your opinion on innocent bystanders. How dare you force otherwise reasonable people to click on your writing and then hang on to every word. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Well from behind this keyboard I am “shocked, shocked I tell you gambling is going on in this establishment”. Keep up all the snarky I love it. By the way Wah, Wah,and another Wah. Please stop making fun of Orange Julius. OK I will, promise, scouts honor, really I will, cross my heart.

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