Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: Inaugural Edition

Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: Inaugural Edition

As I've mentioned previously, I think it's important that as the Heisenberg Report continues to grow, the site remains a reflection of the author's unique point of view - that includes biases. In the simplest possible terms, if the Heisenberg Report doesn't reflect Heisenberg's point of view, then what the hell is the point of calling it "Heisenberg Report?" There are always going to be points of contention. Some people, for instance, would strongly disagree with my deeply held conviction t
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8 thoughts on “Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: Inaugural Edition

  1. Shame on you Heisenberg for pushing your opinion on innocent bystanders. How dare you force otherwise reasonable people to click on your writing and then hang on to every word. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Well from behind this keyboard I am “shocked, shocked I tell you gambling is going on in this establishment”. Keep up all the snarky I love it. By the way Wah, Wah,and another Wah. Please stop making fun of Orange Julius. OK I will, promise, scouts honor, really I will, cross my heart.

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