How Is The Market Pricing A NAFTA Rethink?

I’d say it’s probably fair to suspect that when it comes to renegotiating NAFTA (“the worst trade deal ever,” according to Donald Trump) Mexico is likely to get the short end of the proverbial stick.

After all, it’s not Canadian immigrants who are “rapists” and who are “bringing drugs,” and it’s not Canadians who cost Trump the popular vote by showing up by the millions to cast illegitimate ballots.

So despite Mexico’s generous extradition of the most notorious drug lord on the face of the planet (Sean Penn confidant “El Chapo”), you’ve gotta think the administration is going to go pretty hard on our southern neighbor. After all, the manufacturing jobs didn’t flee America’s heartland for readily available cheap labor in Ontario.

If you want to get an idea of how the market is pricing the divergent fortunes of Canada and Mexico under Trump, look no further than the following chart.


(Credit Suisse)

Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Good luck, Mexico. You’re going to need it.


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One thought on “How Is The Market Pricing A NAFTA Rethink?

  1. Mexico probably is deserving of some sh*t because of treatment of their citizens and copious amounts of corruption, starting to sound familiar (?) is a proud country. I am not sure trade wars by the Orange julius on too many fronts will end with OJ marching back to Wash DC as Julius Caesar on his golden chariot. What could possibly go wrong?

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