Meet Steve Patterson. He Just Made $500 Trading Trump’s Tweets

Meet Steve Patterson. He Just Made $500 Trading Trump’s Tweets

Last month in "On The Perils Of Trading In A 140-Character World," I bemoaned the fact that market participants must now include Donald Trump's Twitter feed in their list of daily required reading. Trump's tweets - for which there's no early warning system - can and do move markets as anyone who owns shares of the major automakers is acutely aware. It's not clear to me that this is a positive development for longer-term investors. Trump very often tweets without knowing the facts and that's
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3 thoughts on “Meet Steve Patterson. He Just Made $500 Trading Trump’s Tweets

  1. Actually, there are laws against public officials purposefully manipulating stocks. All the SEC and the DOJ has to do is follow and or prove any advanced communication of Trump’s stock Tweets to anyone in his large circle of cronies that makes money on them. Whether this is, or why it isn’t being pursued aggressively by the SEC and the DOJ – speaks volumes to the state of the US election and political system – not to mention it’s now obviously mythical representative “democracy” and its mythical egalitarian legal system.

  2. Trump is certainly going to make for an exciting investment year. Many opportunities can be created by the uninformed, egotistical, tweets.

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