“This Is Not Your Happy Place”

“This Is Not Your Happy Place”

What did I say less than 12 hours ago as the USD was plunging against its global peers? This: Confused? That is, is your reading of the Dec. minutes inconclusive and thus not enough to give you any kind of conviction one way or another? You’re not alone. My point: how can we attribute a sudden bout of weakness in the greenback to a dovish reading of the minutes? That made no sense to me. In fact, the market's read on the minutes made so little sense that I didn't even bother commenting afte
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One thought on ““This Is Not Your Happy Place”

  1. In a former life as a day trader, the open-source media explanations for what drove daily market moves was always entertaining.

    Now, with the waters so muddied by central banks over the last decade the true market-driver-of-the day gets harder and harder for even in the high info crowd to see.

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