What Could Go Wrong?

This. Will. Probably. Not. End. Well.


(Chart: Deutsche Bank with a subtle addition by Heisenberg)

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4 thoughts on “What Could Go Wrong?

  1. The girl in his graph is from PSYCHO. maybe, Heisenberg is trying to tell us that we’re all going to get ‘showered’ with a FED trying to ‘cut up’ the FREE FIAT they’ve created before a recession hits—and in that event, such will keep the FED from ‘raising its arm with their stabbing knife’ to cut out more FREE FIAT.

    By the way, I also like the black-haired gal that is in the right column om this page. She’s from PULP FICTION and she got her FED QE right in the heart with a long needle to ‘Come Out of her Recession’.

    On a serious note though; we’re now feeling the monster debt loads with so many goods and services being produced with newer and newer technology that amongst other reasons, prices are dropping for many imported/exported items in the USA as well as in resource and EM nations. We call that deflation and debt bombs. Maybe, in the coming panic, we’ll see a lot of wealth being transferred TO the USA so we can see some US inflation that I can do something with before I die of old age.

    Keep them coming, HEISENBERG; you tell it like it is and it gives us pause to think it over.

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