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Geopolitics Rears Its Ugly Head As Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated

Update (via Stratfor): The attack comes at a bad time: Moscow and Ankara have only recently restored diplomatic ties after Turkey downed a Russian aircraft in November 2015. Though the attack will strain relations between the two countries, however, it is not likely to rupture them altogether. Moscow will lean heavily on Ankara for intelligence-sharing and will demand more autonomy in protecting its assets. Yet neither country is keen to backtrack on the economic and diplomatic progress made over the past year. And now that Turkish forces are active deep within Syria, Ankara needs to maintain a working relationship with Moscow now more than ever. Turkey's foreign minister is scheduled to attend a meeting in Moscow tomorrow with his Russian and Iranian counterparts to discuss Syria. Russian officials have confirmed that the meeting will still take place. If the attack on the Russian Ambassador is in fact an angry response to Moscow's involvement in the retaking of Aleppo, it is a violent aberration of recent anti-Russia protests, which have been mostly peaceful, at diplomatic buildings worldwide. Update (via BBG): The man who killed Russian ambassador Sergey Karlov earlier on
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1 comment on “Geopolitics Rears Its Ugly Head As Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think this incident will harm relations as they have worked hard to repair them since the fighter jet was shot down. Fortunately politicians are a dime a dozen

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