US Wants “Big Magnanimous” Gestures From Russia On Syria (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

US Wants “Big Magnanimous” Gestures From Russia On Syria (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

So last night, I recommended readers turn a skeptical eye towards all of those "alt. media" sites that have, for the last 15 or so months since Russia constructed an air base at Latakia, reveled in casting the Kremlin as the liberator of the Syrian populace. Just because Washington's allies in the region (read: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) have chosen to support Sunni extremist elements many of which might very well have designs on harming Western interests and/or killing Westerners doesn'
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9 thoughts on “US Wants “Big Magnanimous” Gestures From Russia On Syria (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

    1. Well but again, you can’t defend the Russians by reference to bad shit the Americans have done. If the Russians are, in concert with Hezbollah, surrounding civilians in Aleppo and making it hard on people to get the hell out of dodge, that can’t be excused by reference to something the CIA did sometime in the past.

      1. The Russians have provided several pauses to allow evacuations. The problem is that also allows combatants (including jihadist) to escape. The other problem is that civilians sporadically participate in violence and materially support jihadists.

        Precisely who does Heisenberg or THEREALHEISENBERG want to win in Syria? Obama seemed to choke when it came to selecting a winner.

        My plan would be to introduce baseball to the Middle East so that they could have a less destructive past time. Experienced statesman like Kerry or Hillary should be able to achieve that as easily as they did the “Arab Spring” (“Spring” as in “Spring Time for Hitler”). Trump could fund the stadiums.

  1. Comparing the Russian activities in the Middle East post 1980s to the U.S. activities is like comparing a paper cut to a disembowelment…

  2. Russia is on a mission to make the US via Syria look like the fools we are for messing in this shit in the first place. The Middle East is working it’s way into a religious showdown no matter what the Russian or us for that matter think we can or can’t do about it. As the food and H2O problems continue and spread the war hell wars are going to get worse(look out Europe). We need to watch out and keep Trump from a HUGE mistake because it won’t take much, plus he has a bad habit of talking before thinking.

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