Previewing Next Week’s FOMC Statement

Previewing Next Week’s FOMC Statement

Ok so Goldman has a preview (or three) out re: next week's Fed meeting which is of course expected to yield another rate hike. I've got a new piece on increasingly negative cross currency bases and why a worsening USD shortage (triggered by money market reform and exacerbated by Trump-inspired protectionist rhetoric) may ultimately curtail the Fed's ability to hike. Hopefully SA will push it out later this evening. If it's not out by tomorrow morning I'll go ahead and post it here. In the meant
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One thought on “Previewing Next Week’s FOMC Statement

  1. Bubble, Bigger Bubble,Bigger Bubble yet. Then POP!!! Will it be bonds, will it be stocks,the Fed says there are NO Assets in Bubble Territory. HUMMMMM!

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