What People Are Saying

You know, when I read your writing, I’m whisked back 30 years to Hunter S. Thompson’s weekly column in the newspaper – priceless.
Classic intoxication as usual . Thanks.
You’re a great writer. Hope you’re into good bourbons for the New Year.
When I read your posts I read them with Brian Cranston’s voice in my head. Somehow you have managed to capture the character of Walter White in how you write, and that is funny.
They used to call James Brown “the hardest working man in rock n roll.” The same can be applied to Heisenberg in investment journalism.
One day you will finally be right…
Heisenberg and DoubleLine’s Jeff Gundlach think alike about stocks, bonds and analyst estimates.
Thanks Heisenberg for your articles -most of which I have enjoyed reading.
Heisenberg needs to be reined in as to some of these proclamations and I guess I’ll have to be the sheriff on that beat.
Heisenberg: real useful. NEXT!!!
Personally, I like your articles/writing, but I despised this one.
The author, as interesting and as valuable as his observations and commentary are (yes, I do find this column valuable or I wouldn’t routinely click on it), just seems to have these swans on his mind. Maybe it’s a Freudian thing.
Damn, somebody’s glass of eggnog is half empty.
On Sunday, two rum and cokes on ice coming up, and you’ve got no choice in the matter.
May Santa leave you an extra lump of coal in your stocking.
I hope your health returns enough that you can imbibe in an occasional snifter. Drop the Courvoisier, though, and try some Kelt XO; or a bottle of Glenfiddich that’s old enough to vote.
Eventually something will happen, we will have a correction, and it will be followed by business as usual. Heisenberg, you can then point to any of your many “the sky over rome is falling on chicken little who is on fire”. Zzzzzzzzzz…….
Whimsical, refreshing, informative.
You know marijuana is legal now in many places. Try that instead of the booze.
This guy has predicted 173 of the last (zero) black swans.
You are a dark cloud on a sunny day.

14 comments on “What People Are Saying

  1. Anonymous

    Like a broken clock that rains twice a day, HR always leaves me soggy, but smiling.

  2. Juli Niemann

    Love the usual commentary…never check the other categories as I drink bourbon on the rocks with a lemon twist…but I read the vodka notes only because it is Friday….am about to have a very happy hour sampling!

    • Give Walter a break with all the “you should drink again” advice. Even though his writing was more creative (and less frequent) when he was drunk, addiction is not something we should be encouraging if we want to continue enjoying his writing for some time to come.

      • if i started drinking again, you’d get about 1, maybe 2 posts a day, at least one of which would be coherent and the comments section would read like a press release from the North Korean military. not sure that’s in anyone’s best interests.

        • It would still be more interesting , thoughtful and amusing that anything from thr pres and his disciples.

  3. You may take any of my advice. I’m not using it.

  4. I believe you have the wordsmith power to worm your way into crusty old closed minds and make them think again. Thank you!

  5. Liked your Oppenheimer quote or pun, very clever. I enjoy your writing even though I don’t understand a lot of the technical economic terms. I’m looking them up though and understanding more which is a good thing.
    Ever thought of a dictionary of those terms or is there one already out there?
    Hooray for snark!!

  6. Another reason for Trump to keep his base stirred up is that if he leaves his office, he loses his pardon power for his kids, and any immunity his office gives him. The sharks are circling and a lot of his past is catching up.

    • …and all his ‘past’ is like drops of blood and the abundance of blood brings more sharks — and eventually the sharks win.

      • and he’s got a large school of pissed off law enforcement sharks just waiting for their pound of flesh. Get popcorn because it’s been a very long time coming. My husband was born and raised in NYC and is happy to see this. I wouldn’t want to be up against the law enforcement people who brought down the Gambinos!!!

  7. Re: Trump knows an exciting plan when he sees one – Yes and the double edged Chinese saying ‘May you live in interesting times’ back at him!!!

  8. Tassography – my vocabulary has increased from reading your columns.

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