What To Expect From The June FOMC Meeting

It wasn't so long ago when markets were holding out hope for a rate cut at the June FOMC meeting. Now that you mention it, it wasn't all that long ago when traders had the March meeting priced as a near lock for the first cut. Alas, the US economy outperformed and the labor market kept adding jobs, damn it all to hell. I'm just joking. It's about inflation. The proverbial "last mile" down to 2%'s proving to be every bit as arduous as officials feared it might be. Critics insist the Fed's dovi

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12 thoughts on “What To Expect From The June FOMC Meeting

  1. I like the whole “How the Fed could/should change the statement” exercise; it’ll be an entertaining discussion anchor.

  2. The 2% has little utility as a yardstick – it is an arbitrary line of measurement for stuff people don’t actually need – or least is above Maslow’s bottom rung on the hierarchy of needs.

    As for 1m vol, if there is a spike – it will surge until about noon on Thursday and be crushed by the time the ice will be jingling in the bottom of many glasses to bring in next weekend.

  3. Since I have been a subscriber you have published several well-researched, cohesive articles per day without a break and encompassing at least one major household move. I have never caught a misspelled or missing word. I know your enthusiasm for repeating yourself is waning, but you never miss reporting on any financial event, and you cover most of the big political events as well. I have subscribed to several newsletters over the years but yours is far above anything else I have ever seen. If you can keep going then I figure I can read until the end. Even without charts.

    1. Echoing your comment, Swamp Thing. I’ve followed Heisenberg since he was at Seeking Alpha. He is Mr. Market Knowledge with a gift for pointed summary, and no BS. He shares very useful perspective in the midst of everyday market uncertainty, and shines useful light daily on relevant market stories. Well worth the investment.

      Rates remain high for now. I remain optimistic about my small caps making a good showing going into 2025. Happy trading! Good luck!

  4. Oh yes, no press conference, just a statement. Well wait, that’s sounds way too mature.
    The thing is, we live in a time where being able to manipulate someone into giving us something they do not want to give is seen as being a “strong and successful” business man. Your idea brings the image of the ancient times when honor and respect were the most important notions. Now it’s basically the opposite, everyone feels entitled to everything.

  5. Press conference = ~ “some manner of train wreck.” Sometimes too painful to watch JPowell struggle. The guy’s in a heck of a mess. Quicksand in total darkness.

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