Benny Gantz Resigns Despite High-Profile Hostage Rescue

[Editor's note: This article was updated on June 9, 2024, with details of Benny Gantz's delayed resignation] Benny Gantz was supposed to resign from Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet on Saturday. Last month, during a dramatic press conference, Gantz set a June 8 deadline while issuing a series of demands and scolding Netanyahu for pursuing "the path of zealots." Some of those zealots subsequently threatened to quit Netanyahu's right-wing government (which is to say bring it down) if he agreed t

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5 thoughts on “Benny Gantz Resigns Despite High-Profile Hostage Rescue

  1. When my three children were little, we lived in an affluent neighborhood, just north of Chicago, but still in Cook County. We lived exactly one block from a park, where we spent a lot of time because there was a fantastic little playground there, with a sandbox. It was in the sandbox, that I saw first hand, how humans treat each other when they still only have an inchoate knowledge of how they fit together with others in the sandbox.

    When children want a territory in the sandbox for themselves (that another is currently occupying), or, they want the sandbox toys that belong to, and are being used by, another; they can generally be categorized in one of two ways. They gently approach the area/toys they want to share with another with the apparent hope that they will be accepted. Alternatively, they bully their way in, not hesitating to grab the toy they want and even using it as a weapon against its owner/user. This behavior pattern also applies to the child who was approached.

    This is just how it works and the idea is that one’s children understand this very important truism and they wisely choose their friends. This is pretty much inherent knowledge in humans, and although my kids occasionally needed me to “protect them”, my children did not need me to help them select their friends. They were able to do that without my help.

    This also applies to adults, individually, and in tribes.

    1. As adults we are suppose to have learned a moral code and connect the dots to the principles of Karma. So I think your analogy does apply to many adults, but the minority who have progressed spiritually beyond childhood are more likely to understand that the behavior you describe is ultimately counterproductive.

      I fear, the path to eradication of Anti-Semitism has taken a detour to Hades with the onslaught of Gaza. Much like atrocities have fueled Anti-Nazism, I think these atrocities will fuel Anti-Semitism. The kill all who are different from me crowd in Netanyahu’s camp should think about the impacts of their holy crusade. Walt has tried to make the point, but I think pointing out the impact fanning cultural hate is clearly in order. It is not a dove who stands down all the time, a hawk knows when to fight and when to stand down. I fear the gang of thugs in Tel Aviv are so blinded by their hatred that they are not properly considering the policy of a head for an eye on public opinion over the next 100 years.

    2. The US should stop all funding to the ME. Israel is not playing nice and Hamas, who the majority of Palestinians support, wants to eradicate the Jews.

      1. At best it is a quagmire. Many right wing in Israel want to eradicate the Palestinians. Hate reigns supreme in that part of the world.

        Stopping funding will not rectify any problems or cause any problems to rectify. However pressure and that means funding to give Palestinians more say in their future can rectify problems, it is the only solution that has been proposed that is expected to dial down violence. Israel could propose workable plans but so far they find it in their best interest to not propose anything that makes the situation better. As it is they get to kill Palestinians every few years in a macbre sporting event that masquerades as all out war.

        Reuters shows a video today that goes a long way towards elevating each Palestinian body to the status of Martyr. Israel will be best served by sincere efforts to avoid all Palestinian casualties from this moment forward.

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