Another day, another macabre collage of images from Gaza, where throngs of dejected locals lingered over dead bodies rolled up in rugs and covered in white sheets. An Israeli airstrike killed more than three-dozen people at a repurposed school in Nuseirat, where some 5,000 displaced Palestinians were reportedly sheltering. A few hours later, the IDF blew up additional structures in central Gaza. Daniel Hagari, whose job it is to editorialize around and otherwise explain away a given day's civi

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4 thoughts on “‘Pinpointed’

  1. I remember one horrific IDF strike that killed dozens of civilians months ago. The IDF justified it on the grounds that they had intelligence that a single high level Hamas official was there. The IDF has been doing this all along. The IDF is doing more for Hamas recruitment than any other person or organization. At this point I’d wager that most teenage Gazans are ready to join the cause.

  2. Sadly they could be guilty long term of fanning anti-Semitism. This callous regard for human life could haunt judeism for centuries to come I fear. Martyrs each and every dead Palestinian, deserving of martyrdom or not. The only cover they have is what Putin is doing to Ukraine and threatening to do to the collective west. It is a cover that will disappear like WWII did, exposing lies and bodies alike to the light of day.

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