Antonyms Of Hope

Of what use is a "binding" order with no mechanism for enforcement? Not much. Such an order isn't of much use. The beleaguered inhabits of Rafah can attest to that. Over the weekend, the Israeli military moved ahead with offensive operations in the city, where scores of civilians are trapped in a war zone with no good options. In theory, they can flee. And hundreds of thousands have. But only to the other side of town. Or to other besieged cities and settlements in the tiny enclave. Gaza's un

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3 thoughts on “Antonyms Of Hope

  1. It’s increasingly clear to me what the plan for the day after is, it shocks me that people keep saying there “is no plan”. This is the plan: occupy the border with Egypt forever, slowly take over all aid flows from UNRWA, and then twiddle thumbs until Trump wins (Netanyahu’s dream comes true) or Biden wins and no longer has to pretend he cares about Palestinians any more.

    Then keep claiming you’re working on a new technocratic government every few months while sending drones in every few weeks, until a convenient Chinese-American war in Taiwain (Xi wants to be ready for it by 2026-27, and wants to personally oversee it before he’s too old) distracts the world enough for Gazans to be “voluntarily emigrated” to the Sinai

    1. For clarity: this is my interpretation of the plan implicitly understood, not my normative view of what the plan SHOULD be

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