The Tents Are On Fire

Familiar scenes out of Gaza depicted dazed children sorting through blackened detritus and women wailing over white sheets stained deep crimson. Three-dozen Palestinians were killed late Sunday in an Israeli airstrike on a neighborhood in western Rafah called Tal as Sultan. The IDF said it targeted a pair of Hamas officials in the operation. Video from the scene appeared to show flames engulfing tents following an explosion. Tal as Sultan's close to Al-Mawasi, a coastal village that existed pr

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3 thoughts on “The Tents Are On Fire

  1. There have been over 70 incidents like this in the last several months. Fortunately, the IDF is carefully investigating all
    of them and will get back to us.

  2. Remember the movie Lawrence of Arabia? After the tribe stole that stallion off the train, its war was over and the riders went home on a gallop? Let old Lawrence go on fighting, they had their spoils and felt no urgency to help the other tribes.
    When I hear about the Muslim Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere in and around Israel, always, for generations, needing help, food, shelter, everything, and all those other rich, oil producing Muslim countries sitting there looking the other way expecting us, the civilized world, to MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT, I have to wonder what is wrong with that religion,.

  3. The IDF treats Gazans the same way the Nazis treated the Jews. If the IDF can claim that there was a single Hamas official in a gathering of 35 civilians, then that is sufficient justification for them to kill everybody in the vicinity. The U.S. Government’s continuing continence of this is disgraceful.

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