Stocks Could Soar, Might Plunge, Will Probably Stay Put: Wilson

If you ask me, the most interesting aspect of Mike Wilson's 48-page mid-year US equities outlook, released on Monday, wasn't his relatively constructive base case for stocks. (When you're Wilson, 2% upside over 12 months counts as constructive.) Rather, it was the enormous spread between his bull case and bear case views. After missing part of a 30% rally from the October lows, Wilson backed away this year from grandiose pronouncements about the likely trajectory of benchmark equity indices, ci

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3 thoughts on “Stocks Could Soar, Might Plunge, Will Probably Stay Put: Wilson

  1. I’m a bit sad about this. Wilson rang all my bearish confirmation bias bells and I will miss him.

    H, I need an Albert Edwards note to cheer me up.

  2. No one has mentioned Donald Trump, but his election or defeat is a powerful factor in any politically biased “neutral” view. Where is it in H’s great analytical tour de force.? Does any financial powerhouse help guide our way. No, they are all chickens and chicken shit. Of course, now-a-days no one wants to admit to a political scince doctorate or any experience in managing political models. Too bad, and a big mistake. Give the Donald his due..

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