‘Magnificent 7’ Nickname ‘Needs To Be Retired,’ Goldman Says

Earnings season's all but over in the US with a notable exception: Nvidia. So, reporting season's over except for the only report that matters. I'm only half-joking. If that. "Make or break" is an overused phrase. In the market-macro context, it's a hopeless cliché. But if it's applicable anywhere, it's to Nvidia's top-line and, even more so, to the company's top-line guide. Suffice to say it ain't over 'til it's over, to employ another cliché. With that caveat, reporting season went well.

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One thought on “‘Magnificent 7’ Nickname ‘Needs To Be Retired,’ Goldman Says

  1. ….lampoon this for the charade it is !! Well said Mr H. Lampooning all charades for what they are is the only refuge of sanity left for cynics like us. The charades of Politics (all parties), cable news, post-modern academia, and man-made religions deserve to be lampooned the most.

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