MAGA Merger

Nancy Pelosi once said of Donald Trump: "Everything he says is a projection. When he calls someone crazy, he knows that he is. Everything he says you can just translate it back to who he is." It was an incisive assessment. And it's particularly apt as a lens through which to view Trump's characterization of the US as a "banana republic" in the years since he (begrudgingly) left office. Since January of 2021, Trump's lived in de facto exile at a resort fortress which doubles as a headquarters f

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18 thoughts on “MAGA Merger

  1. Would not be unreasonable to suspect some of the 10 million shares traded less than 30 minutes into the open were to insider shares.

  2. Re: Banana Republics –

    You’re right, we’re not in one now – but surely Trump’s biggest brag should he be elected might be that he’s the top banana in the biggest baddest one ever.

    As such, one of my missions this year is visiting Caribbean islands…to sail & snorkel, but also to look at property. If I’m to live in a banana republic, better it should be a real one – with clear, blue warm waters, trade winds, seaside volcanoes, rum distilleries and palm trees…

  3. On DJT – it really should be the next “Big Short”! A risky proposition as most shorts are, but one I’m inclined to throw a few casino bucks at, just on principle.

  4. This is all dismaying of course, but starting to feel like the SEC has the same number of teeth as the emoluments clause. Turns out they were more a serving suggestion than any sort of real constraint. Optimistically, maybe eventually we will owe Trump a very real debt for coming into our “house” and showing us everything that was engineered and designed wrong. Or, he could be like the 100-year floods that we never really worried about until they started happening monthly, when it was probably too late already.

  5. There are other ways to get around the lock up of shares besides a board vote using derivative contracts. I believe an investment banker could structure a synthetic sale of some of the shares using a derivative and trump could pledge that synthetic to collateralize a loan with same bank. Keep in mind though, just because trump can appeal the verdict does not mean he gets off scott free. He could lose the appeal. Or it could be reduced but not by so much. If he loses outright interest accrues on the balance. And an appeal costs $$ in legal fees. Remember also that the grim reaper in the 2 federal cases are out there if he loses in November. That is beginning to look increasingly likely. DJT stock is junk. Whatever he keeps is at risk of declining a bunch, just like his levered real estate.

  6. I wouldn’t dare short DJT (the stock) primarily because this is the perfect way to funnel money from all number of bad actors to sway Trump. Not that the Saudis needed much help figuring out ways to funnel money to the Trump family, but this will make it easier for them to buy shares in Trump directly.

    I will never understand how half the country fails to see through this all-time grifter. All the theories that try to explain his appeal fail to explain how people fail to see through the blatant self-serving actions that are on display in every move that Trump makes. I’m somewhat optimistic about humanity’s future, but that anyone thinks Trump cares about them is the counterpoint that I struggle to reconcile with my general optimism.

    1. They say they don’t see through but I think most do. Not everyone (there are some true morons out there) but most. They simply like his ‘program’.

      Fuck the POC, fuck the woke and dish out cruelty to anyone not us.

      Fox News takes the lion share of the blame in creating/brainwashing those people but, by now, this is who they are. Middle class or better and vindictive beyond belief for imaginary wrongs.

        1. Generally speaking, I think it’s an interesting moral quandary – would you be justified in *** Murdoch especially earlier in his career, when it might have made a difference? Like ‘killing baby Hitler’ type of hypothetical.

          I’ve generally come down on “no” because Murdoch always respected (most) laws and seeded and harvested pre-existing conservatism, stupidity, and cruelty but he did not actually create those things. And you cannot wish away 40% of your fellow citizens.

          Still, it’s damn tempting. It’d be cathartic if nothing else.

  7. One of friends was lamenting that he didn’t buy yesterday. Seeing the almost 150% increase. I told him I believe this will be and pump and dump so avoid at all costs.

    1. completely agree. This is after all a company owned by Trump and run by Devin Nunes. IMHO It’s just a question of time as to when the old adage “everything Trump touches dies” will apply. This is not political analysis, that dude is simply the worst businessman in the world.

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