Goldman: S&P Could Soar To 6,000 This Year. Or Dive To 4,500

The S&P hit Goldman's year-end target last week. So, nine months early. The (very short) backstory of David Kostin's 2024 forecast encapsulates the rally zeitgeist. In mid-November, during the first weeks of what would become a monumental five-month ascent for equities, Kostin set a 2024 S&P target of 4,700. "At this time next year, portfolio managers will look back and realize the best investment strategy for 2024 was to follow Taylor Swift’s advice in the song from her 1989 album:

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One thought on “Goldman: S&P Could Soar To 6,000 This Year. Or Dive To 4,500

  1. It hasn’t paid to worry about black swan events in recent years. As our Dear Leader points out, it’s been folly to “fight the Fed”.

    But, isn’t some caution warranted after the ISIS attack/excuse in Russia and today’s story about the PRC limiting the use of Intel and AMD chips?

    Or will these be great share buying and vol selling opportunities once again?

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