Trump Completes GOP Conquest As Mitch McConnell Abdicates

Mitch McConnell's a lot of things, but naive isn't one of them. And naive right now would be to persist in the fantasy that there's anything left of the Republican party as Americans came to understand and define it from Ronald Reagan forward. That party's nearly as dead as the Gipper himself, and nobody knows that better than the Senate's self-proclaimed "grim reaper." "I have many faults. Misunderstanding politics is not one of them," McConnell said Wednesday, announcing that although he pla

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3 thoughts on “Trump Completes GOP Conquest As Mitch McConnell Abdicates

  1. I would say that Mitch was pretty ill, I saw his speech and he looked shaky. But there was an element of wounded (politically as well as physically) aspect to quitting as leader. Had McConnell not quit the jackals in his caucus probably would have come after him after November – whether Trump won or lost and whether it was to be in the majority or minority in the Senate. The minority leader in the Senate has a lot of power, unlike the minority leader in the House. So whoever comes in will have a fairly large political stick on the Republican side regardless of the election outcome. There will likely be at least 4 viable candidates for Republican Senate leader in January.

  2. He voted to acquit Trump after January 6th, with full intelligence on what happened and well aware of the precedent and consequences.
    The Republicans have torn themselves apart after being hijacked and I hope they lose many general elections (though given it’s a 2 party system not much will change).

  3. My take is that McConnell decided he likes his money (or at least his wife’s money) more than he likes his power. And while I agree this marks a watershed, it also seems transactional — I’ll step down if you lay off my wife (and maybe help revive that plan for a Russian aluminum plant in Kentucky). But once he steps down, my guess is Mitch will once again learn the hard way that loyalty for Trump flows in only one direction (towards him), and soon enough we’ll be hearing more about the China-loving Coco Chow.

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