Now What?

Bloomberg ran a story on February 18 suggesting geopolitical developments and generalized global "turmoil" (a euphemism for gratuitous bloodletting in eastern Europe and the Mideast) could upend the stock rally. Of all the collateral damage from the wars, that'd surely be the most tragic were it to be borne out: A stock selloff. God willing it won't happen. Allahu Akbar. A picture at the top of Bloomberg's article depicted desperate Gazans fleeing the dust-swept scene of an Israeli airstrike i

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7 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Haven’t read you in a bit, but shocked that apparently many commenters have been pushing the smoothbrained idea that Israel can bomb Palestinians into becoming docile friends of zionism. If you haven’t learned the lesson that you can’t bomb poor people into loving you over the course of the entire Iraq/Afghan war saga, though, then I guess we’re the fools for expecting it after just a few months in Gaza.

    The vehement defenders of this shit are the ones who would have pulled Anne Frank from the attic.

  2. The smartest people in the room understand to have lasting peace we cannot continue down the path of baiting and retribution that has marked this conflict. They also know there is no real solution is why extremists on both sides get listened to when their policies border on or espouse genocide. Is this the price we are still paying for Hitler’s evil? Is human evil stronger than the forces of human good. Goes to the question of whether we deserve a spot on this planet.

  3. Another disaster of Syrian proportions, with extremely high death tolls, over the next few years (maybe longer?).
    The millions of innocent Gazans have no alternative – other than to hope to be slowly absorbed by neighboring Islamic countries.
    If the world just watches/watched while Assad does/did this to his own people- then the world will just watch this humanitarian crisis unfold, as well.
    Sorry to be so negative on this.

    1. This means that the oil based economies of the surrounding Islamic countries must continue, and even grow, so that there is an economic reason for absorbing the Gazan refugees.

      1. Yeah, but considering that the only 2 neighbouring countries that matter are Jordan and Egypt (Syria is not even a “country” anymore and Lebanon is FUBAR) there is almost zero chance of them “absorbing” any Palestinian refugees. Egypt has made this very clear in the past decades. Granted, there is a large palestinian minority in Jordan, but I sincerely doubt they are capable or willing to accept literally millions more. And the oil-rich gulf nations have done jack-sh&t the help their palestinian “brothers”.

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