Lies, Damned Lies And The Statistics Bureau

Xi Jinping is limiting access to sensitive economic data, read one of two summary bullet points situated atop a Friday article inquiring after China's youth unemployment rate. For a second straight month, Beijing declined to publish the figures, saying only that employment among 16- to 24-year-olds "showed marked improvement in August." If that were the case, you'd think the government would be keen to quantify the scope of any such improvement. After all, investors are concerned, and their co

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2 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies And The Statistics Bureau

  1. Any foreign company in an industry that China wants to develop for itself is on borrowed time. If China has the domestic capability, you’re already out – media, software, consumer goods, most electronic goods, etc. The Western financial and technology companies realize they are next. German auto companies and machine tool companies don’t seem to have figured that out.

  2. Got it. The thing is, I live in MO and here a lot of important data is a secret and audits of state operations are no longer regularly carried out. The government covers up whatever it wants. I noticed this morning that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, now Governor of Arkansas, has just signed a bill releasing her from the obligation of reporting anything about her financial dealings and her security arrangements. Not just Xi.

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