Apple Falls Far From The Xi

At a very basic level, it's perilous when the most important company for global equity markets is heavily dependent for growth on the would-be usurper in a clash with the incumbent economic and financial hegemon. That's even more true when the company in question is an international symbol of the incumbent's technological prowess, consumer appeal and commercial success. Such is the case with Apple and China. Back in March, while attending the China Development Forum, Tim Cook described the re

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5 thoughts on “Apple Falls Far From The Xi

  1. iPhone 15 launches Sept 12. Consensus for quarterly iPhone segment revenue implies QOQ growth in launch quarter and the following quarter that is larger than the QOQs from iPhone 14, more on par with iPhone 13.

    Sum of iPhone segment rev QOQ for launch qtr and next qtr:
    iPhone 11 launch 9/20/2019 sum QOQ 2 qtrs +96%
    iPhone 12 11/13/2020 +121% (note iPhone 12 was launched Nov, not the usual Sep)
    iPhone 13 9/24/2021 +83%
    iPhone 14 9/16/2022 +59%
    iPhone 15 9/12/2023 (expected) +72% (consensus)

    Starting with iPhone 12, the “Greater China” geo segment Sum of QOQ (for launch qtr and following qtr) at iPhone launches has been larger than in the other geo segments. iPhone represents a larger percent of AAPL sales in Greater China than in other geos.

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