China Rate Cut Asymmetry Raises Fresh Concerns Of Haplessness

If there's some grand plan in Beijing for rescuing domestic demand, the Party is playing it pretty close to the vest. On Monday, Hong Kong shares fell a seventh session in what now counts as the worst streak of daily declines in 21 months. The city benchmark descended into a bear market last week amid crumbling sentiment and concerns around the precarious state of the Mainland economy. City shares registered losses in 12 of the last 15 sessions. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index is like

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3 thoughts on “China Rate Cut Asymmetry Raises Fresh Concerns Of Haplessness

  1. Some additional perspective about China from Jim Rickards, an analyst and business leader with knowledgeable and useful perspective, not unlike The Real Heisenberg. This post is from a video one month ago, in which he illuminates the well-known dynamics of demographics and it’s impact on China. But did you also know that 50% of the water in China is poisoned by arsenic? And he illuminates planning in the west for an invasion of Taiwan by mainland China, and how the west (and the government of Taiwan) will respond.

    No small plans. I am curious about Rickards’ sources. But I can’t predict the future either.

    1. Actually, Rickards is unlike the Real Heisenberg. Rickards is obviously intelligent, and he talks a lot – a real lot. I’m just getting to know him. But at this point, he’s no soothe. Like I said, just getting to know him. Here’s another piece I saw this morning on a subject Walt was asking about – Who’s buying all the treasuries? But on top of that, Rickards also says the Fed doesn’t yet know the terminal rate and there will be a recession. So Rickards declares we’re not at the terminal rate. and there’s a danger that Powell is going to raise rates too high. I don’t know how he transports into Powell’s head. Maybe he’s just overstating his caution for the purpose of getting clicks. Thanks for indulging my concerns. It would help if we could transport in time to Q2 2024 and see how this turns out.

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