What Should The Fed Do Now? Two Alternatives, Two Thoughts

There are two lines of thinking when it comes to how the Fed should approach recent developments in the US banking sector in the context of the inflation fight. I should quickly note that there are actually many lines of thinking (which, in turn, "inform" many lines of argumentation) but frankly, anyone who's spending a lot of time immersed in combative social media exchanges or, relatedly, conflating Op-Eds published by the financial media with actual news, is wasting valuable time. The cacop

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One thought on “What Should The Fed Do Now? Two Alternatives, Two Thoughts

  1. seems to me that SIVB fell because of 1) unadulterated / unhedged greed combined with 2) 2018 relaxation of Dodd Frank regs…if form holds Nick T. will likely let us know what’s in store for next weds…at least it will be interesting…
    imho a Fed pause will result in a very volatile market aftermath…

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