What Kashkari Knows For Sure That Just Ain’t So

Fed officials are uncomfortable with the combination of easier financial conditions and a red-hot US labor market. Raphael Bostic on Monday suggested the January jobs report might warrant higher peak rates, and on Tuesday, born-again hawk Neel Kashkari reiterated the message. Kashkari, who favors another three hikes at least, said the incoming data suggests the Fed's efforts haven't "had much of an imprint" on the labor market. "There's some evidence it's having some effect, but it's pretty mu

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One thought on “What Kashkari Knows For Sure That Just Ain’t So

  1. Part of our dilemma is an absolutely irrational unwillingness to collect more taxes from the people and companies that have benefitted the most from financialization. We also need to speak clearly and define our terms: how long is transitory?

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